Weekly Wishes: #3


What’s this? A Weekly Wishes post written and posted on an actual Monday?


So, if you remember last week, it was mostly a recap of things that I felt I accomplished throughout 2013. To be honest, other than my ‘In a Flash’ goal that I had kept quiet about until yesterday, I didn’t set any other goals for myself.  But, I am proud to say that my goal of taking at least a photo every day has continued (so far).

Small wins, am I right?

Now, I know Melyssa is starting to do Monthly Wishes on the first Monday of every month, starting today, but for the sake of my time, this new blog and my brain, I plan on sticking with the Weekly Wishes.

The theme for this week was ‘2014’ and the photo was featured in the previous Weekly Wish post as a photo I took at the zoo on New Years Eve. But it works two-fold – it was taken on New Years Eve/edited on New Years 2014 and honestly, it represents a lot of my goals of this year which is all about creativity (and in this case, it was photography).

So with that, here are my wishes for the week!

Weekly Wishes #3

.o1: This one will be a weekly wish for a while until I can get myself into the habit. My goal is to continue taking a photo every day and uploading them to the different websites/apps that I’ve been using.

You can follow my progress on my Instagram (here) and my 365 Project (here)!

.02: Work on the first prompt for Melyssa’s Creative Collective. What better way of pushing my creativity than at least participating in the first challenge? So far, I think my word for the year is ‘journey.’ That’s where I’m seeing myself in this time and place. In a journey trying to find my spot again in the creative world and not merely working in it.

.03 Catch up on the work-related things that had been pushed underneath the rug before the holiday shutdown. This one will be a doozy but it will happen! Galleries won’t reopen until the 25th, so until then, there’s a little quiet to get things accomplished.

.04 Decide and plan if I want to add another, more than likely, biweekly post.

A large part of me is saying ‘YES’ and the other part is saying ‘PLEASE DON’T BURN YOURSELF OUT K? THNX’.

So, for now, this one is something I’ll have to consider a little longer and gather the necessary items needed to make it worthwhile. Well, other than the items that I have on hand.

Cryptic enough for you? At least one or two of you know what I’m talking about.

The work goal is probably more important (you know, with its deadlines and things) but I will strive to work on and complete the others parts of my Weekly Goals. Especially my photography.

Is it as freezing for you as it is for Kansas? Or, is it seasonably warm and lovely with you and your Summer-thing going on? Do you have any goals that you’ve made yourself with the start of the New Year or ones that you wish to return to? How ’bout them Cowboys?

I’m kidding on that last one.


Before I forget (and I almost did), I want to let everyone know this great sale going on at Zoya right now.

It’s not any secret with those who love me and enjoy being around me that within the last two years I have gotten slightly obsessed with nail polish. I may have a bottle too many for any rational and sane person and yet I always seem to find more that I cannot possibly live with out!

You’ve been there, right?


Well, if you haven’t heard yet, Zoya’s annual Color sale is going on. That means for you that you can get THREE bottles of nail polish for FREE. What’s the catch? You only pay for shipping. That is $12 for three bottles of Zoya nail polish.

Alright, so it’s not COMPLETELY free but it IS cheaper than if you were buying all three full price. All you have to do is enter the promo code ‘COLOR2014‘ in the box when you check out! And BOOM! Three free nail polishes right to your door. Or mailbox.

The deal ends NEXT MONDAY so get to it if you at all can (or care).



9 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: #3

    1. I take beads as acceptable forms of payment. 😉 I will need to look into places I can get these things printed that are reputable sources! So! I may have a print or three for you soon!! ❤

    1. Oooh, that’s awesome!! Good luck on your 365!!!

      I’ve been posting most of mine over to Instagram as well and the 365 site, mostly so I can see my ‘calendar of pics’. 😉

  1. So far my goals are to start the 365 project. I haven’t ever done instagram, so honestly I’m clueless if I should go over there too? *wibbles* I want to do things right. Of course, I’m only doing them with my phone right now… but my point-and-shoot, honestly, I believe it’s dying. I swear the quality of pics from it is not what I used to get from it. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

    I’m also, goal wise, simply planning on surviving the cold and getting my horse through the week with no damage from it. My poor pony girl. I need to buy her a coat. So several things to buy her in the next few weeks.

    In regards to your #4, I’ll give you my thoughts, if you don’t mind. It is very easy to burn oneself out, so you could simply do “surprise” extra posts, which doesn’t require the commitment of a regular posting date, but allows you to add something extra whenever you have it or feel like it, and keeps you from getting frustrated or burning yourself out. Just my two cents there, though.

    1. YAY!

      When it comes to Instagram, if you have it, it’s a really fun app to have on your phone. Then you can snap photos (with it or with just the camera then taking it into Instagram) and put them on your feed. BUT! If you’re doing it through 365 Project, then it’s just as easy to go ahead and put your photos on that. It’s all dependent on you and what you find easiest. 🙂 Instagram is pretty fun once you get the hang of it!

      A very good idea! Poor pony!

      I don’t mind at all! You’re absolutely correct and I’m afraid that if I TOO much too soon (as I’m apt to do), I might burn myself out. So, I think, for now, it will probably be sporadic if I consider it. 🙂 Thank you, bb!

  2. I’m definitely eager to keep seeng your photos.

    Also…it’s super cold in Wisconsin. The “arctic freeze” that gripped us Monday and Tuesday was pretty darn awful. Luckily, my car was willing to go where I wanted and I managed to accomplish one of my goals for the year. I auditioned for a murder mystery play that reminds me a lot of “Clue” (the movie, not the game.) It’s a big old farce and it’s very funny.

    Sadly…I have to wait until next week to find out if I made the show or not. :/

    1. Eee, I’m very glad! I actually brought my SLR with me to work! Crazy! 🙂

      Oh god, it did the same thing here! Although, admittedly, not as cold as it was for you!

      DUDE! That is AWESOME!! I am SO keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope you get a part!!! *snuggles*

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