Weekly Wishes: #4

One thing that is perhaps becoming increasingly clear is that there is no posting schedule for this blog.

At least, not yet.

As it stands, a post appears (out of the wild!) when things settle down enough to actually write out a half way comprehensible post. It’s part of the charm and keeps things interesting! Or, something like that. I mean, it’s no fun for anyone if you can’t mentally keep track at least half of the things going on in a post, is it?


I do have at least two/three posts lined up for the next week/week and a half, so that’s something. AND, one of them DOESN’T include Weekly Wishes OR In a Flash – GASP! Be shocked.

It’s okay. I know I am.

This post is two days late but never-the-less, here it is – the fourth installment of Weekly Wishes!


Last week’s wishes…

.o1 Keep up with the 365 Project:
So far so good! Last night’s was simply a shot of Ulta because I may have a problem with that store (and by problem, I clearly mean, a second home). I did manage to pick up a tube of CND’s cuticle eraser and oh my! I love it so far! Unlike the other cuticle treatments I’ve tried thus far, it’s creamy and smells WONDERFUL. I’m pleased. If it continues to do well, I’ll write a review for it (maybe). But for now, I highly recommend it.

Back on topic, I’ve been taking photos and doing well with this one! I’ve also been thinking of creating an Etsy shop for prints of my photos… but first, I need to come up with a store name and find a good photo printer.

.o2 Creative Collective project:
This didn’t exactly happen by today. I DO however have a word! AND ideas. AND paper! That’s as far as I got but I have the weekend! I’m a rebel! 😉 Or, a procrastinator. That works too!

.o3 Work-related Project(s):
For the most part, this one is actually done. There’s one big-ish project that I need to do and work on (hello project for tomorrow), but for the most part, I’m caught up! BIG SIGH OF RELIEF.

.o4 Think about and consider another bi-weekly post:
Still thinking about this one. For now, I’m thinking it might happen a couple times a month and maybe tie it into a monthly challenge that has only just started up. Over all, I think it would be a fun project to play with! SO THIS MAY BECOME A THING. One in which I’ll announce next week, I promise!

This week’s wishes…

.o1 Continue on, continue on with my 365 Project. There are days coming up that are going to be busy but so long as I work within what I have available to me at that point in time (usually sculptures and art), I can manage.

Manage I have so far!

.o2 Practice and execute a nail art technique for our opening party. I have the supplies (mostly) so now it’s a matter of having the patience to sit down and do it! And, experiment. And have lots of polish remover. Just in case.

.o3 Remain positive and patient with situations happening and coming up. Sometimes, it’s easy to let this one fall to the wayside but it’s less mentally exhausting if I attempt to keep positive.

.o4 Allow the ideas of an Etsy shop percolate a little further. And, think of shop names. And a logo that ties into said shop name. These things will need to happen. My training has taught me well.

The Nectar Collective

What about you? What’s something you want to try or have been meaning to try? Have you ever had an Etsy shop? Do you have any tips and tricks of the trade?



8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: #4

  1. *presses face against the blog* AT LEAST TELL ME IF THE CUTICLE ERASER IS GOOD I need a good cuticle eraser your favorite beauty blogger needs a good cuticle eraser. I have cuticle moisturizers but not anything to ERASE. I need an eraser. And a real cuticle pusher not orange sticks.

    1. SO FAR, IT’S GREAT!

      My cuticles seriously look so good right now and not dried out and red and gross. And seriously, the cuticle pusher I bought from Sally does a good job – it’s not Tweezerman but I like it!

    1. Oooh! I want to see your shop sometime. Also may have to pick your brain on any tips that you may have when it comes to Etsy. 😉

      I definitely will share photos! I HAVE IDEAS. We will see if these ideas transfer well! That. Will be the test!


      Aw, thank you so much! I’m having fun with it so that’s important, i think.

      Thanks for stopping by! /is off to read yours/

    1. Thanks, darling! I know a couple of people who have one too and from what they say, it’s pretty self explanatory! So there’s that! *HUGS*

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