M2: International Type Throwdown

WARNING: Herein lies photos of nails taken with my iPhone which, I know, isn’t the best for nail-art and the nail art community at large. But you’ve got to work with what you’ve got and for now, that’s what I have.

Here’s hopefully the first of a set of blog posts to catch up on the things that I’ve missed over the last week (and a half).

Today, I’m bringing you a first of a (more than likely) bi-weekly or monthly series – Manic Mani.


As I’ve said in my ‘about me’ page and other places around this blog, I work at an art museum as their graphic designer and database manager/guru (a self proclaimed title and not the least bit professional). At least three times a year we have opening parties and functions to celebrate the opening of our new exhibitions for that semester/season. Last year in January we had just opened our exhibition Stocked: Contemporary Art from the Grocery Aisles and I had the brilliant idea of doing something, a nail art, that went along with one of the exhibitions up.

To be honest, at some point last year, I stopped doing it but with 2014 and all my creative wants and urges, I revived it.

It probably helps (a lot) that we have an exhibition up that inspired me to try out a technique I’ve been dying to try.

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen it done (and perhaps have even done it themselves a time or three) and it’s probably called a few dozen different things but the one that I’ve seen more widely is the newspaper transfer nail art technique. It’s a mixture of everything I love – type and nail art! So of course, I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try it.

Enter our new exhibit, International Type Throwdown (via) where the concept was for students around the world to draw and design a Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic character. In the end, those submitted for each category would go head to head with each other to battle it out and see which would win for each category.

International Type Throw-Down characters2via

For this mani, I printed the original letter forms that they had to re-design/re-work on regular computer paper a few times and made sure to cut them out prior to painting my nails. That way, I wouldn’t have to mess with it with wet nails.

After my base (of which I used Millionails by Essie ($10 Beauty.Com | $10 Ulta), I used My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI (ON SALE (1/31/14) $5.07/$8.50 Amazon) and painted two coats on each finger to make sure I had good coverage. I have learned after a year of doing nail art, it’s much easier and creates less of a mess for me if I do one hand at a time as opposed to doing them at the same time. I also tend to not mess up as much which, in turn, cuts down on my budding frustration!

To be honest, I did this mani twice. The first time so I could have a little practice before the day of the event to see how hard it would be and how long it would take for me to do. I also like to get a feel for how long I should have my finger in the rubbing alcohol and how long I should have the printout of the type pressed to my dried finger nail.

The second time, it turned out much better than that first time around. As a comparison…

I think it’ll be a technique I try more and more with different things – newspaper/typography related or not.

So how about you ladies (and gentlemen)? Any nail art techniques that you’ve been dying to try but haven’t yet? Or have and it turned out to be a real learning experience?



10 thoughts on “M2: International Type Throwdown

    1. Thank you! That truly means a lot to me!

      I like it too and I admit, I love the banner too because of reasons! But seriously, I do love nail art when I get inspired to do it, so I think it’ll be a feature I try to do as much as I reasonably can.

  1. Very pretty nails 🙂 I’ve toyed occasionally with the idea of getting nails put on, but haven’t convinced myself it is worth it yet. Especially since I have little to work with naturally, given that I pick at them when anxious or bored or both. That text technique looks very interesting!

    1. Thank you, lady!!

      I’m a fan of leaving my nails natural mostly because acrylics can be pretty damaging to your nails and sometimes you definitely want to keep it up and it can be an expensive habit. I know I bite mine when I’m stressed so sometimes they take some major damage. I definitely understand the feeling!

      It really is! It’s a fun and interesting technique, I admit!

    1. You definitely should! That’s one that I really want to try my hand at as well. It doesn’t seem like it’d be that expensive either – getting the plates and what you need to stamp! Something to look into for Birthmas perhaps!

  2. Wow! Your nails look so cool!

    I have zero talent when it comes to painting my fingernails and toenails so I just don’t do it.

    1. Eee, thank you! I think they turned out well! I have more Mani things to do… just haven’t had the patience to do anything with them lately. It’s been pretty sad.

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