In a Flash: Week #5

For Superbowl Sunday, it’s been pretty — super?

Okay, seriously though – did anyone watch that game?

Confession time? I watched the last half.

And by that, I mean, I glanced over at the last half.

It was kind of lackluster.


Philip Seymour Hoffman?

My heart seriously reaches out to his family and those impacted by his death.

Dusty from Twister was probably one of my favorite roles of his. Twister was a movie I watched over and over and over and OVER (probably to a point where all my baby sisters HATED it). To be honest, it wasn’t until I watched Doubt that I realized Dusty and Father Brendan Flynn were one in the same.


Also. If you haven’t seen Doubt, please do! I’ve seen it performed on stage at the university and at the end, it left me with a lot of thoughts and questions. After seeing it turned into a movie (and watching said movie), I can honestly say it gave me the same sort of experience. And, the casting was well done! He was absolutely perfect for that role.

So now, with that all aside, here is my ‘In a Flash’ for Week Five.

A good portion, you’ll notice, have all relation to the letterpress (including: metal type, furniture (the pieces of metal/wood that locks it all down), a letterpress machine, etc) and that’s because we are truly fortunate to have a letterpress lab at the university. I may or may not be visiting that room again in the near future.

Can someone say future business cards?

January 26 – February 1, 2014



10 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #5

  1. You know my feelings on the color of the blue one and the composition. The leaf though gives such a depth of winter feelings to me right now, alone, curled in, you can almost see it trembling in the wind.

    The typeset ones just make me glee because I love the ways and means of this.

    1. That was really the lighting! It was really, REALLY blue.

      The ones taken with my phone don’t take long to upload but when I have a lot of photos taken with my camera, it takes much longer to upload. Sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes to upload them all – depending on how many I have!

      I will definitely be going out tomorrow to take some photos in the snow!

  2. Ah, the letterpress is awesomesauce! And future business cards would be awesome with them. I might have to see what you’d charge for business cards myself 🙂

    Been enjoying your photos!

    Trying to keep up with commenting but obviously I’m majorly behind lately!

    1. Thank you!!!

      Yes! I think so! If you want letterpress ones, that one will be some time coming. 😉 BUT! We can work on ideas together if it’s something you’d like to do! Just email me.

      THANK YOU! It’s okay, I’ve been majorly behind on posting of any kind… but I have post ideas coming up so that should help!

      1. I will definitely email you about it sometime soon! I’m not in a huge hurry, but I’ve been thinking I should get something done up again.

        I look forward to seeing what you post in the future! I always read even when I don’t comment.

  3. Another great photo-set this week!

    P.S. I did watch the Superbowl. The whole thing. It definitely wasn’t a game of suspense.

    1. Thank you!!

      It really wasn’t. I was… less impressed. But my co-worker who comes from Seattle said it was, for him and others, the perfect sight to behold.

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