In a Flash: Week #6

This is just a little late.

By a couple of days.

In my defense however, it was the first weekend in nearly a month that I had nothing planned or that I needed to absolutely do. So I took advantage! And, I played Skyrim. And, continued to take photos. And, rooted for our Shockers who are now 25-0!

That’s a lot of ‘ands’.

When I was a student, our sports teams were the last thing on my mind. Now that i’m a staff member (more or less) and have graduated, I can’t be more proud to be a Shocker alum!

Besides, both the WBB & MBB teams are doing AMAZING this season!

Aside from basketball and not being busy, it’s been snowing. A lot. Enough to warrant a two day University shut down last week. So you’ll see through this set of photos, one day it’s a beautiful sunny morning and the next…there’s a bunch of snow on the ground.

You all know my fascination and love affair with snow by now.

A week later? Streets are still not clear so that’s been a pain! But otherwise, it hasn’t been horrible. Just slow going!

So, here we are, week six of In a Flash! Enjoy! More posts in the process, including a polish post that I’m excited to share with you!

February 2 – 8, 2014

How about all of you? Any snow or crazy weather patterns? And. Can you believe it’s February already? Geez!


7 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #6

  1. *nods as she wears a black turtleneck and drinks wine* Mmm, yes. I love the general theme of snow in these photographs. It reminds me of an anecdote about the Kremlin during the Cold War era. *sips* Cold. Get it?

    1. LOL! Yes, indeed!

      I think the one thing I’m going to find interesting if I keep doing outdoor photos over the year is seeing the seasons change and what happens.

  2. I do so love snow pictures! Enjoying these a lot. Disappointed that our snowmageddon so far has no snow sticking anywhere 😦 Of course, at least this way I’ll be able to get to work (even if it’ll be slick on the way home).

      1. I probably spoke too soon. I had to call out of work because around 8:30 or so because it had suddenly started to snow hard. We ended up with about five inches of snow and the power went out around 4:15am and didn’t come back until around 1pm. So it was cold, and my phone died, and sadness all around.

        But I should be fine to get in today.

  3. I like looking at snow, but I prefer that snow make its exit once December is over.

    Wisconsin has definitely been having it’s coldest winter yet. I am SICK of polar vortexes. They are the worst!

    1. True. That.

      AND we’re getting MORE polar vortexes too! One has been entering the state over night so it’s going to be cold and gross out for the next few days.

      I like the snow days… I don’t like driving in it. 😉

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