In a Flash: Week #8

Just in time for the Shocker Men’s game, here’s the next post for In A Flash! This will be a pretty quick post since i’ll be heading out soon to go grab some pizza, a drink and the game with Sarah from soon!

This week was pretty quiet in terms of photos. For example? Friday’s photo is the golf cart from work that I’ve promptly named Maggie. She’s an old golf cart but who has a lot of life in her. Also? I just love Maggie Smith.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to get out for another photo walk. The weather is thankfully starting to turn nicer so that’s a big help.

Hope you enjoy this next set!

February 16 – 22

Completely off topic, but is anyone else REALLY excited for the new Veronica Mars coming out?


10 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #8

    1. You’re wonderful! 🙂 Thank you!
      I’ve already enjoyed seeing what each day has brought and what it continues to bring – presently and over the course of the year!

  1. Man no one had time to wash that Ulrich power scooter? 😉 Just kidding!

    Although I love your cat pictures, the picture of your pencil case is gorgeous. So gorgeous! It just has so much beauty and focus and the colors and chrome pop. Love it!

    1. NOPE! It says ‘Amy was lazy and didn’t think of ANYTHING ELSE’ 😉

      I think Isis has started loving the sound of the camera being turned on. She always wants to be in a photo! Greedy cat. Thank you!! I was impressed with how that one turned out. But I love the coloring of the green and the chrome myself.

  2. I’m incredibly excited about the VMars movie! I already have plans to see it opening night and my friend purchased tickets already too. 😛

    Great photos, dearie!

    1. AHHHHHH!! I’m going to have to see about seeing it the day of or that weekend or the following weekend myself! SO excited!!!!

      Thank you, darling!

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