In a Flash: Week #9

Funny story?

I’ve had these photos uploaded for nearly a week.

Even more funny (or, perhaps it’s just sad)? I’ve had this post titled since… Tuesday?


Honestly, I’m going to make strides to keep this updated. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO UPDATE AND TALK ABOUT. It’s…the actual writing and posting of said things. But, I love my blog and I love being able to share with all of you the tidbits of my day…or week (or month).

I will say this, after three months of taking a photo every day, I have learned something about my interests in photography. Or, more specifically, the way I like to take photographs.

I love getting detailed shots and getting on the same level as my subject. By that, I mean… if I’m taking a photo of a blooming flower, I want to have my camera on the ground and capture it that way. I’m also fascinated in bokeh, which is basically the background being out of focus and your subject being the only thing in focus. Which, if you look back at my previous posts, is very noticeable.

So, here is the next installment of ‘In a Flash’ from Week 9. I will warn you now, most of the photos that you will see for a little while yet are mostly cellphone images.

InaFlash_Banner1February 23 – March 1, 2014

Anyone else see Divergent yet? Because, OMG!


4 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #9

  1. BOKEH? That’s some fancy photographer talk there, yo! BOKEH sounds like boca which sounds like burgers which sounds like I’m hungry.

    I think the chandelier is my favorite this week! But do I spy my nail rack? I’m so flattered! I forgot you took that! It looked pretty incredible, you really brought out the beauty of those polishes. 😀

    1. IT DOES, DOESN’T IT? It also sounded an awful lot like Hookah which just makes me smile!

      I think it’s mine too, tbh! I just love how it turned out! And yes! That would be your nail rack! 😀 I love that it turned out so well! Feel free to use it if you ever want to!

  2. Didn’t know you had this blog – I’m so behind! But… the chandelier is to-die-for-lovely but I can’t stop looking at those alphabet tabs! The colour, the composition, the way my initials are right in the middle! LOL I’m following on bloglovin’ so I can keep up.

    -Love, Feen

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