In a Flash: Week #10

Does anyone else love the Step Up movies?


Just me?

Okay. Despite the plot, or rather, lack-thereof, I like to watch it primarily for the music and the dancing. I mean, honestly. That’s one thing that I’ve always admired, those who can dance.

The point of this? I’m watching a marathon of Step Up movies as I edit and upload my In a Flash posts.

Also? They have a new Step Up movie coming out! Which makes me completely excited.

But, back to the subject. In a Flash: Week Ten! This was a week of watching the tulips on campus start to grow and the deinstallation of one exhibition and the installation of Stephanie Sujuco’s ‘Free Texts’ at the museum. And basketball.

So proud of our team.

InaFlash_Banner1March 2 – 8th, 2014



4 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #10

  1. I like the Step Up movies, just like the cheerleading movies, for the same reasons as you 😀 I love the dancing and singing and all of those sort of things. I watch them just for that.

    Lovely pics!


      The cheerleading ones are fun to watch but I think I’m more amazed by dancing than cheerleading at times. 😀

      Thank you, darling!

  2. I’ve never seen the Step Up movies, but I would not be opposed to watching them. I think dance movies are cool.

    Excellent pictures, my dear!

    1. I think you’ll have to watch them sometime! If we are ever able to get together again, we most definitely will have to watch them together!

      Thank you, darling! I’m glad that you think so!

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