In a Flash: Week #12

Three posts in a weekend!

Which is probably good considering next weekend I’ll be busy. At least on Saturday.

The museum I work at is celebrating their 40th year of being open. I’m pretty damn excited. We have some great programs and a 40 Years / 40 Stories exhibition opening on the 26th. Considering the last exhibition we had, I think this one will be a great change of pace for everyone who comes in. It has a bit of everything from our collection.

So, anyway! Week 12!

This week was a lot of watching the tulips grow and enjoying the nice weather.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

March  16 – 22nd, 2014



2 thoughts on “In a Flash: Week #12

    1. It really is! I’m excited that I can be here for it’s 40th anniversary! It’s going to be a 70s Dance Party on Saturday. So you KNOW that’s going to be fun! 😉

      Thank you, my darling!

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