Travel: Upcoming Trips

This has been a post that I’ve been pretty excited to write and share with all of you but hadn’t had the time to sit down and write it until now.

Technically, I shouldn’t have time now but some events were postponed this week and my energy has been moved onto other (and sometimes better) things.

Upcoming trips.

At least the ones that are set in stone. The other is dependent on scheduling later in the year. So, for now, let me share what’s in store for this blog coming up (very soon)!

UPCOMINGTRIP_England_Ireland( via ) / ( via )

England / Ireland | May 19 – June 3

It has been 11 years since I took a trip much like this one (only in reverse) and ever since, I have wanted and have worked hard to go back. I will be going with a group of Graphic Design students and a professor that I’ve traveled with before from the University. I knew as soon as it came up on discussion again around the department that I just had to jump at the chance to go. It’ll be nice, after the semester and season we’ve had at work, to be able to get away for a little bit. To disconnect my work email and enjoy the trip for what it is.

Of places that are on the MUST SEE list? Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Stone, the Tate Modern and I would most definitely like to take a trip on the London Eye just ONCE.

Yes, I know it’s a huge tourist trap.

Lots of things to do and see and drink.

UPCOMINGTRIP_OmahaNebraska ( photo by me )

Omaha, Nebraska | June 28 – July 2

Not long after returning home, my Mom, Sarah (from and I will be heading up to Omaha, Nebraska! Last year, Sarah and I went and we stayed for less than 48 hours and we knew we wanted to go back for a little longer. Now we’re heading up for my aunt and uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. Honestly? I can’t imagine myself lasting 50 years with another person.

But, I truly give it up to them that they’ve made it work with all the difficulties that they’ve had.

Places that are definitely on the to do list include: Bohemian Cafe (mmmm, dumplings and duck), the zoo (I mean, honestly…that zoo), Joselyn Museum, THE Goodwill, the record store we passed and never made it to. Yes, there are places to go and explore in places like Omaha.

Is there any thing that you’re looking forward to now that the weather is getting warmer? Trips planned for the summer? Year?



11 thoughts on “Travel: Upcoming Trips

    1. *HUGS* And you know I will miss you every day too, darling!!

      Hee, you will get pictures all over this blog too! It’ll be a few posts more than likely.

  1. That’s so awesome. I’m so jealous. LOL. I wanna go too! *grins* Take oodles of pictures and post them so I can drool my jealousy all over the place 😀

    Have so much fun!

    1. I’ll just stow you away in my bags! I will indeed! 😀

      OH! How did your camera shopping go? Things got so busy I haven’t had time to respond back to your email. 🙂

      1. Hee! Well, I would definitely fit!

        It went really well, I think. I meant to email you about it. I ended up getting a Canon Rebel Eos SL. I’d went in favoring the Nikon, but with them in my hand and considering the price, I went with the Canon. I found it more intuitive as well as cheaper, and intuitiveness is something I really value. It came with a regular lens and I bundled in a telephoto lens as well. 😀

        1. Eeee!!! YAY!!

          I agree, the intuitiveness is a big thing for me too. I am SO glad that you got a great camera!!! Ee! Which lens is it? I’m thinking I want to get one at some point soon… just not sure on what one!

          1. It’s really nice. I’ve been having fun learning on it – and I’m definitely still learning!

            Let’s see. It’s at home, not in front of me, but I believe it’s a 75-300 lens. Still learning with it more than the other, as sometimes auto doesn’t focus well so I have to fidget with the manual and sometimes I don’t always get it quiiiiiite focussed perfectly.

            1. I’m glad to hear it! ❤ I know, I've had my camera for roughly three years? Or less and I'm STILL learning all the tips and tricks to it. But practice makes perfect. Oh good! I realized today that I think I have that lens myself and I enjoy it. Even though I haven't found any use for it yet in the city.

              Eee! New cameras are exciting!

              1. I want to learn to do night/sky/stars/moon photography, fireworks, all the things. Sigh. I need to read up on some of it but I learn so much better on these sorts of things by being shown.

                I’ve found good use for it with birds, like I expected. There was a bald eagle in the slue the other day, and this woodpecker – I have a few of the eagle that turned out, but the autofocus on the woodpecker was poor so I had to attempt manual, and those didn’t quite turn out quite as well as they could have. And I’ve found use for a few flowers on flowering trees that are way too far up for me to get other wise. I do eventual want an even better one – something for even farther out/better focus.

                They are! I just need more ideas on what other things to try to take pictures of 😛

  2. I hope you have an amazing trip! Ireland is an absolutely beautiful country. I would love to go back there sometime since there’s so much I still want to see! I’m jealous that you get to go to England. I hope you have a lovely time there too.

    As for me, Nick and I are working out honeymoon plans, but we have nothing specific laid out. We’ll probably stay within the continental US though. Right now, I’m thinking Minnesota. 🙂

    I may also end up in Omaha, NE for work at the end of July, but I’m not sure yet. It depends on how things go with the Project Search steering committee.

    1. Thank you, darling!!! I’m seriously so excited to go! It’s really starting to dawn on me that it’s less than 20 days away now.

      EEE!!! I am SO excited for your wedding! I hope there’s lots and lots of photos to be taken! 😀 I am so happy for the both of you. ❤

      SO WE'LL ONLY MISS EACH OTHER BY WEEKS IF YOU DO GO! I adore you and hope for all the best, darling! *HUGS*

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