Home Sweet Home

photo by me (Amy)
photo by me

I’ve been home for a little over a week now and I think my body is finally getting back on track. I’m no longer waking up at 5 AM (wide awake) so I’d count that as an improvement!

It was a wonderful trip and I plan to write all about it over the next week (or three). Not sure how I’ll organize it yet but I have so many photos that I want to share with everyone. I may just go day-to-day or I’ll merge a couple of days into a single post. I’ll see how it all fits together.

For now, I just want to write about a few of the things, in general, that I learned.

First, some of Dublin still doesn’t know why they have the spire or what it’s even supposed to be. A piece of random trivia? One woman we talked to hinted at it looking an awful lot like a needle in response to a drug problem in the city.

Second, I cannot get get enough of tea and/or Galaxy Caramel chocolate bars.

Mostly? I will know and relate at how cliched this sounds, and the eye rolls that may happen, but I honestly came away from this trip with a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been on trips before, both with family and with friends and have had my fair share of great times, random times and those times that you tell the other person ‘we’re never speaking of this again’ until you’re in the very same position the next time.

It’s not fun locking your keys in your car and not thinking to bring a spare!

I digress.

While I was with a group from the University, I was doing it without anyone from my family being there. They weren’t just one easy phone call away across town or to another state. I was able to rely on myself, my instincts and my opinions without having to explain them to anyone. Other than those who decided to follow and join me on my crazy adventures into random parts of town. It was nice. Most of all, it was freeing.

I know, that in the end, I can do it on my own if and when I choose to go on another trip.

It’s nice to have people to experience things with and yet, at the same time, should I just want to go and have that ability to go, I know that I can find my way and not fall apart. That’s a good feeling to have.


Cliffs of Moher_Self

Okay, I won’t lie. There was a part of me that hoped that I could’ve run into Tom Hardy on the street somewhere and had gotten his autograph for not only myself but for Sarah (beauty-bitch.net) and maybe a few others as well. Sadly, but not surprising, I didn’t.

That’s okay. While I didn’t get to meet him, I did get to meet and become friends with a bunch of people on the trip and another that I met on one of my day trips to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. In the end, that’s just as worth while! Mostly.

Being back, I’ve become more rejuvenated regarding this space and what I want to do with it. Needless to say, I will have more detailed posts about the trip coming up as well as posts regarding the upcoming trip to Omaha, Nebraska as well. In a Flash and a new series of posts will be up and running soon, I hope.

So, how is everyone’s summer shaping up so far? Any big things happening?



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yeah…the Dublin Spire just looks dumb.

    I’m glad you were able to feel a sense of accomplishment after your trip to Ireland. I must admit I felt the same way after mine. *hugs and love*

    My summer has been all right so far. Work is keeping me busy. I did complete my training hours in counseling though so I have my LPC and I’m getting a pay bump at work. WOO! I also have my wedding shower coming up on Saturday so that should be awesome.

    1. It truly does! I’m amazed by the amount of growth to Dublin!

      Thank you! I’m so glad that the feeling is relatable. *HUGS*

      Eee! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! That is so awesome! Congratulations! I hope you had a fabulous wedding shower!!!

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