In a Flash: Week #16

Some good news!

I’m getting photos and write ups underway from my trip a couple of weeks ago. There’s so many photos to go through and I think I’m getting an idea of how I want to organize them and set it up. I’m excited to bring it to you soon.

Also coming up, a review for my June Ipsy bag (anyone else OBSESSED with this subscription?) and some potential letterpress pieces!

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy Week 16 of my In a Flash series. I’m trying to catch up on the past weeks that I have yet to post so over the next couple of weeks, they’ll be a little more frequent so long as I can get some editing done.

This weeks set includes lots and lots of flowers. Spring was a dry one for the ICT area but the landscape crew at the University is a talented bunch and remain ever dedicated to providing lots of eye candy. Especially when, as you’ll see, on April 14th, it snowed!


April 13 – April 19th, 2014



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