Subscription Obsessed

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with subscription boxes?

/raises hand/

Maybe I shouldn’t call myself obsessed per se since I truly only have one box I’m subscribed to currently. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have more!

I love getting things in the mail. Especially packages that I don’t know said contents of. So long as they’re not going to blow up in my face, it’s really exciting to open a box up and finding what surprises lie in store.

When I fell in love with nail polish (and nail art), I bought all the colors I could want and could use for future nail art at places like Sephora and Ulta. Then, along came Julep and finally my first step into a not-quite-subscription but close enough. They’re called Mystery Boxes and when I was actively buying them, they ranged from $24.99 – $39.99 (if you wanted the extra big one). They were  always filled with 6-9 polishes at any given time and toward the end, it even started to include full sized bottles of other products they produced.

In the end, when each polish you buy from Julep would normally cost you $14 ($11.20 if you’re a Maven), I felt it paid for itself.

Just a fraction of the polish and products given in the Mystery Boxes.
Just a fraction of the polish and products given in the Mystery Boxes.


After nearly a year, I stopped buying them.

I know, I was shocked at me too.

Mostly I wasn’t getting excited about it any more and to be honest, I probably have enough Julep nail polish to last me until I’m in my 70s.

After that, I started looking at other subscription services such as BirchBox, SquareHue and NatureBox (among others) but the one I was really interested in trying was SquareHue. I waffled on that one for months, even while I was still buying Mystery Boxes from Julep!

Each month ($19.99/month) you get a curated three piece set. Every color that comes to your doorstep is completely different so over time, if you continue buying from them, you won’t get any duplications. In return, they automatically donate a portion of your subscription payment to a current focus. Their main focus right now, and for as long as I’ve been scouring their website, is human trafficking.

That was, in of itself, what sold me on Square Hue and to be frank, made me consider supporting them much sooner than I had.


Tokyo Paris
Even with all of that, I put my subscription on hiatus after only my second box. The bottles and the packaging were cute, I’ll fully give them that. At the time though, I was starting to slowly back away from collecting even more nail polish that I have no where to truly store.

It was around this same time that Sarah ( started receiving her Ipsy bags and frankly, I loved everything about them.

For roughly $10/month, you get a really cute bag with a bunch of full sized and sample products to try out. The contents of each bag differs between people depending primarily on your interests. Afterward, you can review them, watch product tutorials and get discounts on other products that you may or may not have received!

Ipsy_April Ipsy_May Ipsy_June

Over time, as they do, my interests and priorities changed. I still love nail polish and will, in fact, buy all the neons that I can get my hands onto this summer. Now though, I’ve gotten into make up and I want to continue experimenting with different mascaras and eyeshadows and finding what I like and don’t like.

It took me a long time to get into make up.

A LONG time.

Now that I have, I’m enjoying this experimentation period.

Which means, dear readers, that you’ll probably start seeing some reviews on my blog. This isn’t a beauty blog by any means but when I feel strongly about a product, I like to give my opinion about it. Especially when I’m trying to figure out what colors/shades/products I enjoy and don’t enjoy.

What about all of you? Any subscription boxes that you’re obsessed with?
Any that you would recommend I try out?
Sound off in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Subscription Obsessed

  1. All that stuff looks quite fun.

    Can’t really say that I’m currently getting any subscription boxes, though I get plenty of requests to do so via my Facebook page.

    1. Facebook is like that! 😀 I’ve seen many offer’s for Julep’s Maven subscription’s on FB but that’s probably because I spent so much time on Julep for a long time. Hee!

  2. I’m obsessed too!! I think I’m actually wasting a lot of money on them, but I can’t stop haha. I love your posts btw – they’re very entertaining. Can you review Vain Pursuits please? I’ve started hearing a lot about them and I wanted to hear what you had to say!

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