In a Flash: Week #20

By the time this posts, I will be in a car on the way to Omaha, Nebraska with Sarah. It’s home to the Huskers, annual College World Series and many Fortune 500 companies. It’s also where my Mom’s side of the family all settled after immigrating from Ireland and the Czech Republic (at that time, Czechoslovakia) and called home.

Tonight, we’ll probably eat at my aunt and uncles and tomorrow will be their 50th wedding anniversary. Holy cow!

Yes, I just typed ‘holy cow’ and I don’t plan on erasing it.

But, never fear! After today’s ‘In a Flash’ post, we officially hit the two weeks where photos from my trip to Ireland and England come in. I admit, it’s been hard to not choose EVERYTHING but it just means there will be long travel posts in the near future!

This one is mostly flowers (again) and a couple of other photos that would be easily targeted in a game of  ‘which of these is not like the others’.



May 11 – May 17th, 2014

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous weekend!



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