England & Ireland: Day 1

So, almost three months later isn’t too bad, right? Here’s post one out of… who knows how many! It’s going to be a series of posts so tuck in and enjoy!


DAY 1 (May 20, 2014)

All I can say about the 8+ hour flight from Atlanta, Georgia to London, England? Thank god for unlimited movie access and unlimited (& free) drinks. It made the flight go faster than it might have otherwise.

Well, okay, that and zz-quil (of which, I swear by).

We arrived at London Heathrow at around 12 – 12:30 p.m. on the 20th. As you can probably imagine, we didn’t do much that first day other than getting across the city to our flat and getting ourselves oriented.

For a frame of reference? Here is the tube map of London. London Heathrow Terminal 4 is on the far left side of the page (the solid dark blue line) and Woolwich Arsenal (pronounced, courtesy of a local: Wool-ich Arsenal; the solid teal line) is on the right side of the page.

The very last stop on the DLR.


It took us a while.

You can bet that for a bunch of college students/former college students who were up for the last several hours, we were dragging.

Our home away from home for the next week (pictured above) was located in the Royal Arsenal area. The area is one that I would consider up and coming. At one point in time, however it was once where the manufacturing for the armed forces’ armaments and explosives research were once done.

Being so far away from central London meant it was less tourist-heavy/driven and the prices were decent.

Well, as decent as they can be given a big city like London.

Within walking distance (ten to fifteen minutes), we had everything that we needed at our disposal- a few different grocery stores (a full Tesco, a Tesco Express, an Iceland (as you can imagine, nearly everything is frozen and affordable) and a Poundland (which is much like our dollar stores in the States)), a pub (the Dial Arch) and a cafe close to the tube entrance (£1 tea, yes please).

And if that didn’t suit your taste, every day there’s a market where you can buy fresh produce, flowers and handmade goods.

Frankly, we didn’t do much that first evening. What we did do, however, was eat dinner at the Dial Arch (the first fish and chips dinner of many on the trip) and bought some groceries from Tesco for breakfasts.

We live life to the fullest, lemme tell ya.


I will be the first to admit that my favorite part of Tesco was the American food end-cap. I mean, hello – I can get Captain Crunch!

I didn’t.

After all, £7 is roughly $12. BUT! The option was available! Which makes all the difference, right?

We didn’t stay up late that night, though that’s hardly any surprise.

What was a surprise however was what time the sun started to come up in the morning.

But that, darlings is for the next post.



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