England & Ireland: Day 3


DAY 3 (May 22, 2014)

As a child, my favorite kind of museums were the ones that were hands on, interactive and immersive and who made it fun for kids to come and learn. To be honest? I was always one of those kids who, while polite, was always wanting to do something and not just sit there and listen. Pretty sure one of my teachers even wrote on an evaluation form: ‘she’s always looking out at the clouds’.

Not much has changed, obviously.

The only funny thing is that I end up at an art museum of all places.

So, why am I telling you this semi-pointless story from my childhood?

Because, dear readers, the London Transport Museum is just that kind of museum. It’s not as immersive as a living museum is (such as Old Cowtown Museum here in Wichita) but it’s interactive, hands on and keeps both kids and adults interested.


At the very least, it kept most of our group interested as we collected punches on our punch card’s around the museum, boarding old rail cars and double decker buses.


As if that wasn’t enough (and it never is), they also have some interesting mannequins and wax sculptures that you can inadvertently interact with and put into awkward situations. I can imagine the kids have a field day with that one.

A couple of former college students did at least.

Mostly us.


The guy in the next to last image is a bag of creepy; while the guy in the last photo, I imagine, is saying something like ‘but, what do you MEAN you don’t deliver?’

I mean, he looks really upset.

But, you know, if I was pulling creepy dude along the road, I would be too.

After hitting the gift shop, we split up into a couple different groups for lunch. Some went for Italian and a few of us went to a local pub to see what they had.

Surprisingly enough? I was not a part of the Italian group.

I know, hold your shock. I’m surprised at me too.

The pub we went to, The Globe, was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed the fish and chips I had there. They were probably my favorite out of the couple of other places we went to. They also had some great hand lettering going on. Oh yeah, I’m a fan.

We took a little time to look at the Covent Garden market and smaller street side market’s along the way. I snagged a few local peaches. I am so glad that I did because they were the perfect snack after some museum hopping!



Our last official stop of the day was the Tate Modern.





First, it is a huge museum. If you were inclined, you could spend days in that building alone taking it all in.

Their galleries included big name artists such as Monet, Matisse, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock (I get really happy seeing his work in person, for reasons) among many, many others. Among all of the big name artists that you learn in history and art history books, was an artist that I thoroughly enjoyed right out of Los Angeles, Andrea Fraser.

If you’re interested in video and projection pieces, I’d suggest looking her up. No, she’s not your traditional artist but I’ve always had an interest in video pieces and I will honestly say her projection piece hooked me!

We didn’t stay nearly as long as we could have given that some of us wanted to make it over to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is right across the Thames, before it closed.



Spoiler alert? It was already closed.

That was okay! We got to see the outside which was absolutely beautiful either way.



Especially the dove on the statue’s head.

Had I known that the Tate Modern was SO CLOSE to Shakespeare’s Globe, I would have gone there to check it out. You can bet that I’ll be adding that to the list of things to do next time.

We were on our own for dinner that night and as some of us do, opted to make a huge quantity of pasta so no one went hungry. In fact, we made so much that no one went hungry and we had to throw some out at the end of our stay in London.

Go us!

All that was missing was a good dessert afterward – I always have room for a cookie.



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