And the award for worst blogger goes to…

…this girl, right here.


Happy 2015, Everyone!


So, I definitely didn’t expect to have a two month hiatus out of no where. Is it three months? I can’t remember.

Pretty sure it’s now going on three months now.

So. How is everyone? The family well?

Things are good in this neck of the woods. It’s been a dry and moderate sort of winter which makes me dread what kind of summer we’ll see in Kansas.

As I’ve indicated in my last posts (from last year, ouch), I started a new job in November and since then, it’s been busy. First it was keeping myself afloat in learning all the ins and outs of the job. Then, after that, it’s been busy trying to get everything ready for our big fundraiser called ‘Death by Chocolate’, of which I’m in charge of the silent auction. That means, calling and organizing and seeing who would be interested in donating something to auction off.

While It’s been a major learning experience, it’s been really good. It keeps me interested and on my toes. There’s a lot I know I can do now that I’ve been through it once. Best yet – there’s still a lot more to learn, which means I won’t be bored!

The downside of it is that this blog has unfortunately taken the back seat in things.

It is my goal, for this year, to decide on a focus for this blog. Figure out my voice.

Not a set-in-stone focus but a focus to keep myself from going too far out of left field. So, whether it’s Lifestyle + Design, Lifestyle + Photography… Lifestyle + Travel… it remains to be seen. Or simply a Lifestyle blog – I haven’t decided yet.

Things will be a-changing but I promise to update more this year.

For now, that’s me.

How’s everyone?



2 thoughts on “And the award for worst blogger goes to…

  1. Missed you, hun! *hugs*

    Don’t worry, things fall by the wayside sometimes. Don’t worry about it. You’ll find your groove!

    Life is life, on my end. Too busy. Working 12 days straight (night 2 is tonight). Work sucks epically, obviously. Personal life is as meager as usual, except for Horses! Yay! Though the weather has prevented us being able to ride for over a week now. Sadness.

  2. It’s definitely nice to hear from you, sweetie!


    I’m glad the new job is going well and stuff.

    At the moment, life is just chugging along day by day. I am reading a totally awesome book, though. It’s called “The Magician’s Lie” and it’s kind of like “Water for Elephants meets the Night Circus.” 🙂

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