About Me



I’m Amy, a twenty-something year old living in the middle of the US (also known as Kansas) and the writer of ‘Detour from the O.Z.’

‘Detour from the O.Z.’ is a blog dedicated to life as I see it, as I move through this thing called the “real world” and my love-hate relationship with Kansas.

In this ‘real world’, I’m a development associate at a science and discovery center, freelance graphic designer and amateur letterer.

As much I love to hate Kansas for many of it’s pros and cons, I have a travel bug that hasn’t been sated.

Until I can take time off to travel the world, road trips and my camera are among my best friends.

Join me on this whirl wind if you’d like or just visit for the occasional anecdotes, nail polish and/or pretty photo.

In general…
Likes: salted-caramel anything, letterpress, nail polish, typography, photography, traveling, bad syfy movies
Dislikes: cilantro, heat, Comic Sans, Papyrus and poorly ran events

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